Plumbing inspection can determine the cause of corrosion induced pinhole leaks.

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how we do it

We use state of the art customized equipment to address your specific needs.

How We Control Water Corrosion

W.C. Service Company, Inc. has the solution. An automated, proportional to flow, phosphate injection system is installed on a building's main water line. All water entering the building is treated with our corrosion control inhibitors.

Phosphate Technology

For corrosion control, our phosphate inhibitors lay down a micro-thin coating on the interior wall of the pipe. This protective coating helps to control corrosion and pinhole leaks throughout the entire plumbing network.

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Completely Safe

Phosphates are food grade compounds that can safely be added to drinking water to control corrosion. All of our Corrosion inhibitors are NSF Standard 60 approved for potable water.

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Customized Equipment

Proportional to flow equipment assures that the proper ppm water treatment residual is maintained in the water supply at all times.

Automated System

Expert Service

Corrosion Control

On a monthly basis water samples are either taken and tested onsite or sent to our laboratory for analysis.

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